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Always looking for new places/people to house with. The following are mostly archival from my college days.




  • MIT Imobilare presents 'A Troupe of Dancers' (Spring 2007 w/Stephen Steger and Yang Zhang): Watch
  • Pooface, A Daft Punk Tribute (Fall 2007 w/Stephen Steger and Sungmin Son): Watch
  • Easy Break Oven, with Superheroes (Spring 2008 w/Stephen Steger): Watch
  • Mulan, The Story (Fall 2008 w/Lynne Tye): Watch
  • Funk Actually (Spring 2009 w/Mason Tang and John Lim): Watch
  • Imaginarium (Spring 2010 w/Ridonk): Watch


  • Breakonomics (Organizer) 2007-2009: Watch
  • MIT-Harvard Battle: Watch
  • Battle w/Curtis: Watch
  • Good Foot Crew @Freshest of All Time: Watch
  • Ray@Mass Destruction: Watch
  • MIT-Cornell Battle: Watch
  • MIT@Mass Destruction: Watch
  • MIT@Break House Jam: Watch
  • MIT Ridonk @Roxy Battle: Watch