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The best way to predict the future is to invent it. - Alan Kay


Ongoing Work

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Open Source Observer


Open Source Observer is a free analytics suite that helps funders measure the impact of open source software contributions to the health of their ecosystem.

  • Co-founder

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To solve the challenges we face this century, we need scalable and sustainable financing models for public goods that reward contributors for the positive impact they create.

Hypercerts are a new protocol for funding and rewarding positive impact. Every hypercert is a public claim on a discrete piece of work and impact resulting from that work. Projects can create hypercerts and distribute them to contributors. Funders can own hypercert fractions — and the rights that come with them. Impact evaluators can create value for projects and funders by assessing the quality of hypercerts and offering ratings.

Hypercerts create interoperability by serving as a single, open, shared, decentralized database for impact claims and funding mechanisms. This allows funders and projects to create a scalable, interoperable and transparent funding environment for innovative public goods.

  • Co-founder
  • Head of Engineering
  • Technical Advisory Committee Chair

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MASQ Foundation


The MASQ Foundation exists to build and support security and privacy for the public good. We research, engineer, and promote widely-accessible technologies that protect individual users’ security and privacy in both the digital and physical worlds.

  • Co-Founder
  • President

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