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Issue trackers (e.g. GitHub issues, Jira, Shortcut, etc) are incredibly useful project-management tools for any team. However, they are proprietary closed systems, which means:

  • Difficult to customize: Take it or leave it. As your team grows, your needs evolve. If the tool doesn’t satisfy your needs, you are left with trying to migrate.
  • Annoying to transfer: Migrations are painful. They often require custom scripts and never fully capture all of the metadata from the original system.
  • Proprietary: Open source code deserves open source project management. Projects should be able to move as easily as switching their git remote.

pm-tools is an open source project-management tool with the following goals:

  • Portable: All of the data should exist in a git repository, like your code. In the future, we can consider using standard content management systems as well.
  • Markdown-first: Users should be able to use any editor that supports Markdown, from vim to HackMD.
  • Open-source tooling: Anyone should be able to build visually-rich functionality (like Gantt charts), as a front-ends to the data.

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