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PhD Student @ University of Washington
CSE Network Lab: Tom Anderson & Arvind Krishnamurthy
Specialty in distributed systems, networks, security, web, Internet freedom, & electrofunk.
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Scientist & Hacker

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay

Radiatus: Strong User Isolation for Scalable Web Applications
UW Networks Group - Will Scott, Jon Howell, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Tom Anderson
Radiatus is a decentralized web framework for designing more secure web apps. In Radiatus, all application-specific computation running on the server is executed within a sandbox with the privileges of the end-user. By strongly isolating users we protect user data and service availability from application vulnerabilities.
More Info:
PDF, Backup PDF
Project Website

a New Baseline for the Web
UW Networks Group - Will Scott, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Tom Anderson
freedom.js is a web framework for building peer-to-peer (P2P) web apps. Easily create social applications that work in modern web browsers, Chrome packaged apps, Firefox extensions, node.js, and native mobile apps. freedom.js apps are just JavaScript, so they can be distributed as packages on an app store or hosted on static web servers. We're bringing peer-to-peer back, baby.
Project Website

Share Your Pathway to the Internet
UW Networks Group and Google Ideas
uProxy is a browser extension that lets users share alternative more secure routes to the Internet. It's like a personalized VPN service that you set up for yourself and your friends. uProxy helps users protect each other from third parties who may try to watch, block, or redirect users’ Internet connections.
Project Website

Fuzhou Food
Fuzhou Food is a blog of recipes, assembled from family and friends from the Fuzhou, Fujian area of China. One of the 8 culinary cuisines of China, Fujian food is light, soft, and flavorful, featuring a wide range of seafood and soups.

Take Turns, Sally. WTF?
Take Turns, Sally is a meeting queue system for speaking order. Everyone opens up the app from their computer/smartphone and joins a common room. Select 1 leader and begin queuing up to speak.

File Drop lets you easily share files with your friends. Just drop the file into the page and your browser immediately become a server for that file. Share your unique URL to serve that file to friends directly in true P2P fashion.

Unblock: Towards Blocking-Resistant Network Services
UW Networks Group - Will Scott, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Tom Anderson
Unblock is a privacy preserving overlay network, constructed from an augmented social graph. By leveraging the unique properties of trusted social links, Unblock performs multi-path and multi-hop routing over the social network, providing better performance and routing around failures to support a web browsing workload.
Download Paper: PDF
Project Webpage

SolocoRank: Social Signals for Local Search Quality
Google - Michael Schueppert, Hila Becker, Mayur Thakur
SolocoRank is a new ranking algorithm that leverages social media to rank
physical establishments such as restaurants and bars.
Paper currently under submission.

Kineograph: Taking the Pulse of a Fast-Changing and Connected World
Microsoft Research Asia, Systems Research Group - Lidong Zhou, Fan Yang
Kineograph is a new graph computation engine, optimized for processing
real-time social data. Our goal was to enable real-time applications
(such as user ranking and approximate shortest paths), such that new data
is reflected in the computed results within a couple minutes.
Microsoft Research Project Page
Published in Eurosys 2012
Download Paper: PDF, Backup PDF, PPTX Slides

A Secure Peer-to-Peer Communications Platform
MIT CSAIL, PDOS - Prof. Kaashoek, Chris Lesniewski-Laas
WhanauSIP is a peer-to-peer VoIP communications platform that requires no centralized infrastructure. Instead, it uses the Whanau DHT to provide a Sybil-proof rendezvous mechanism among users, securing the system from a variety of attacks.
Thesis: PDF, Github Terminal
In 2008, before the days of Google powered by knowledge graph and Mozilla Ubiquity, I designed a website that reflected my favorite computing environment, a console interface. RAy SHell = RASH. It's modular, simple, clean, requires no JavaScript, and certainly not for the faint-of-heart. Written entirely in server-side PHP. Discontinued as of 2013.

Solar Printer
MIT Media Lab, Tangible Media Group - Dr. Fletcher
The Solar Printer is an entirely self-sufficient printer system for the developing world. The system was designed to be low-powered and continuously operable using solar panels. Instead of using ink, the printer magnified sunlight to burn characters into photochromic paper.

Student & Teacher

Univ. of Washington Ph.D. Candidate Computer Science
Univ. of Washington M.S. Computer Science
MIT M.Eng. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
MIT B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
MIT B.S. Physics

Did you ever feel, as though you had something inside you that was only waiting for you to give it a chance to come out? Some sort of extra power that you aren't using - you know, like all the water that goes down the falls instead of through the turbines?

Hemholtz Watson from Brave New World

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Writer & Speaker

They cannot be worthy of the respect and admiration of the people unless they add to the virtue of obedience some other virtues—the virtues of manliness, of truth, of courage, of willingness to risk positions, of the willingness to risk criticism, of the willingness to risk the misunderstanding that so often comes when people do the heroic thing.

Louis Brandeis (Glavis-Ballinger 1910)
Cheng, R., Scott, W., Ellenbogen, P., Howell, J., Anderson, T.
Radiatus: Strong User Isolation for Scalable Web Applications.
Tech Report. 2014.
PDF, Backup PDF

Scott, W., Cheng, R., Li, J., Krishnamurthy, A., Anderson, T.
Blocking-Resistant Network Services using Unblock.
Tech Report. 2013.

Bhoraskar, R., Langenegger, D., He, P., Cheng, R., Scott, W., and Ernst, M.
User scripting on Android using BladeDroid
APSYS 2014: The 5th ACM SIGOPS Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems.
40% acceptance rate.

Cheng, R., Scott, W., Krishnamurthy, A., and Anderson, T.
FreeDOM: a New Baseline for the Web.
HotNets XI: The 11th ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks. 2012.
19.17% acceptance rate.
PDF, Backup PDF, GitHub

Cheng, R., Hong, Ji., Kyrola, A., Miao, Y., Weng, X.,
Wu, M., Yang, F., Zhou, L., Zhao, F., and Chen, E.
Kineograph: Taking the Pulse of a Fast-Changing and Connected World.
Eurosys 2012: ACM SIGOPS Conference on Systems.
15.16% acceptance rate.
PDF, Backup PDF

Cheng, R. WhanauSIP - A Secure Peer-to-Peer Communications Platform.
Advised by Frans Kaashoek. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.Eng. thesis, August 2010.
PDF, GitHub
uProxy: a Social Proxy for Your Browser
Circumvention Tech Festival. Valencia, Spain. Mar 2015.
TA3M. New York, NY. Nov 2014.
RIPE69. London, UK. Nov 2014.

User scripting on Android using BladeDroid
APSYS 2014. Beijing, China. Jun 2014.
Microsoft Research Asia. Beijing, China. Jun 2014.

uProxy: Crowdsourcing in the Face of Digital Repression
Google Ideas Summit. New York, NY. Oct 2013

FreeDOM: a New Baseline for the Web
HotNets XI. Redmond, WA. Oct 2012.
PPTX Slides

Kineograph: Taking the Pulse of a Fast-Changing and Connected World
Eurosys 2012. Bern, Switzerland. Apr 2012.
Stanford Mobisocial Seminar. Palo Alto, CA. Apr 2012.
Palantir. Palo Alto, CA. May 2012.
PPTX Slides

Donor Appreciation Speech
UW CSE Fellowship Luncheon. Seattle, WA. Apr 2012.

World Traveler

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He is not tethered by conventional thinking. What is amazing to me is that he is only bound by the laws of physics. He can't change those. Everything else he views as open to discussion.

Rick Dalzell wrt. Jeff Bezos
Work in progress


More updates soon ...

You make a million decisions that mean nothing, and then one day, you order take-out, and it changes your life.

Annie Reed, Sleepless in Seattle
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For the first year, the only way I learned how to ride was with a motorcycle and Apparently there's only seven steps.

Raymond Cheng


The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious. And why shouldn't it be? —it is the same the angels breathe.

Mark Twain, Roughing It (1886)
Cessna 152
Cessna 172
Home Airports: Boeing Field (BFI), Tipton (FME)
Destination: Everywhere

CLS - Chehalis-Centralia Airport, Chehalis, WA (2010/09)
TIW - Tacoma Narrows Airport, Gig Harbor, WA (2012/05)
PWT - Bremerton National Airport, Bremerton, WA (2012/05)
DMW - Carroll County Airport, Westminster, MD (2011/03)
OXB - Ocean City Municipal Airport, Ocean City, MD (2011/03)
SBY - Wicomico Regional Airport, Salisbury, MD (2011/03)
ESN - Easton Airport, Easton, MD (2010/11)
GAI - Montgomery County Airpark, Gaithersburg, MD (2010/10)
W29 - Bay Bridge Airport, Stevensville, MD (2010/09)

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Always looking for new places/people to house with.
The following are mostly archival from my college days.

Imobilare: Web, YouTube
Ridonkulous: Web, YouTube
MIT Dance Troupe: Web, Vimeo
MIT Imobilare presents 'A Troupe of Dancers'
(Spring 2007 w/Stephen Steger and Yang Zhang): YouTube

Pooface, A Daft Punk Tribute
(Fall 2007 w/Stephen Steger and Sungmin Son): YouTube

Easy Break Oven, with Superheroes
(Spring 2008 w/Stephen Steger): YouTube

Mulan, The Story
(Fall 2008 w/Lynne Tye): YouTube

Funk Actually
(Spring 2009 w/Mason Tang and John Lim): YouTube

(Spring 2010 w/Ridonk): YouTube

Breakonomics (Co-organizer) 2007-2009: YouTube
MIT-Harvard Battle: YouTube
Battle w/Curtis: Facebook
Good Foot Crew @Freshest of All Time: Facebook
[email protected] Destruction: Facebook
MIT-Cornell Battle: YouTube
[email protected] Destruction: YouTube
[email protected] House Jam YouTube
MIT Ridonk @Roxy Battle: YouTube