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Measuring the impact of open source efforts with Open Source Observer

Accelerating Science and Research with Impact Certificates

How to Become an H3 Hang Glider Pilot in the Bay Area

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Introduction to Cryptography

Oasis Labs Talks

Ekiden: A Platform for Private, Trustworthy, and Performant Smart Contract Execution

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Talek: Private Group Messaging with Indistinguishable Access Patterns

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Square Blocks in Round Holes: Understanding Assumptions in Blockchains

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Privacy as a Service

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  • Various Universities. USA, Canada, Europe. Jan-Mar 2017.

Radiatus: a Shared-Nothing Server-Side Web Architecture.

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uProxy: a Social Proxy for Your Browser

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uProxy: Crowdsourcing in the Face of Digital Repression

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  • Google Ideas Summit. New York, NY. Oct 2013.

User scripting on Android using BladeDroid

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  • APSYS 2014. Beijing, China. Jun 2014.
  • Microsoft Research Asia. Beijing, China. Jun 2014.

FreeDOM: a New Baseline for the Web

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Kineograph: Taking the Pulse of a Fast-Changing and Connected World

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UW CSE Donor Appreciation Speech

  • UW CSE Fellowship Luncheon. Seattle, WA. Apr 2012.