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Iron Blogger SF

· 2 min read
Raymond Cheng

I love writing. I miss that aspect of working in research. You see the slightest thread of an insight, and then just keep pulling on it through reading related work, writing, and iterating, until you've formed a coherent thought to share with the world. Not everything I write is equally insightful (or coherent) to others, but I always enjoy the writing process nonetheless. In academia, writing took the form of technical papers that might only see the light of day on Arxiv. Nowadays, my preferred medium is blogging, but without dedicating time to writing, it just doesn't happen.

That's why I'm really glad that I found a community of like-minded bloggers in Iron Blogger SF. If you want to write more regularly with other cool folks in San Francisco, I recommend you check it out. There are also local Iron Blogger communities around the world, or you can start your own with the open source code.

The premise is simple – submit one post or creation a week. Miss a week and put $5 toward an evening of free drinks for the group. While meetups have been postponed during the pandemic, we have our fingers crossed on resuming sometime soon. Subscribe to my mailing list or follow me on Twitter to get the latest!